Canon launches the PowerShot A

Today we want to introduce little review of the new Canon PowerShot A, a camera that we are sure that you will not remain indifferent, as it brings many technological and typical progress that are going to leave you with the open mouth.

Canon PowerShot A

The first highlight of the Canon PowerShot A is its 16-megapixel sensor, and if to this we join the 8x optical zoom lens and a camera is left with many choices to be your favorite, but of course, there is much more, because you must bear in mind that it is not a single model, but a whole range designed to suit all levels and, therefore, all budgets.

The design of the cameras theme is slim and stylish, designed to be very easy to use and versatile, these two characteristics being its greatest assets.

PowerShot A Series
The range is designed to cater for all, therefore all models come with a 28mm, plus up to five models in the range have a 5x optical zoom which is more than enough for most users, and if you need more increases you have the A4000 with a 8x optical zoom combined with a compact body, to make it very easy to carry.

Recording and photos in HD
As it could not be otherwise in the times with the Canon PowerShot to be able to take pictures and record video in 720p HD easily, in fact, for recording video only have to push a button.

Apart from this the Canon PowerShot A come with many technological improvements as Smart Auto mode, that is, to give you an idea, but more intelligent automatic mode to make your photos come out better just shooting, or already ubiquitous face detection mode and many others.

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