Cowarobot R1, robotic suitcase that follows you wherever you go

The “smart” bags are fashionable. For some reason the idea of a suitcase can be connected to our mobile phone is something that people are looking for, especially by the idea that to be connected, it will be always localized. Thus was born the Bluesmart suitcase, but now there is an innovation that goes beyond with Cowarobot R1, the suitcase that follows you.

Cowarobot R1

This is literal, the suitcase is able to follow through that is connected to your phone that always carry with you. Surely not see at first glance just another boring cabin suitcase, but on the inside, it is quite sophisticated, the sufficient thing like so that whenever you pass through a security check, you stop and inspect.

R1 has an engine at the bottom with two wheels that move at the same speed (up to 7 km/h) at which you move. Follow your movements thanks to its connectivity with your mobile. Constantly keeps the stored location thanks to GPS and you can insert a SIM card from an operator to connect to the Internet.

If you ever lose your suitcase, you can always open your application and locate wherever it is. It also has an alarm mode that remains active and alerts you when moving.

Not only is connected, it includes an NFC sensor that you can wear on your wrist and unlock the lock, compatible with TSA. Do you want more technology in a suitcase? It includes a battery with USB connection to connect your mobile.

Obviously, being so connected and with the intention of carrying on an airplane, the application lets to activate the flight mode, which turns off all wireless connections.

R1 is temporarily unavailable for sale on Indiegogo for a reduced price of $429 which is expected to arrive in October. When the Indiegogo campaign ends, it will cost $699, more expensive than BlueSmart $150.