Dash: World’s smallest fisheye lens camera

We know that many of our readers like it when they talk about these curious gadgets that come onto the market without making much noise, basically because there is not a large company behind them, but that are converted to real accessories to capitalize to the world of consumer electronics.

dash camera

But with the rise of online investment platforms in which anyone can submit a project, raising funds and bet to develop the idea, it is precisely in these areas that we need to look for inspiration. And although in this case, the project of the Dash camera has been carried out in the least known Indiegogo already have achieved the ultimate aim to launch it to the market.

Dash is the camera with the world’s smallest fisheye lens and as you can see in the picture actually take it with you anywhere will be a breeze. Although perhaps what draws attention is the ability of its creators convert to one of the objectives of the market more unwieldy in something so tiny.

Not that the fisheye lens image quality offers valid for anything, but if it is true that among photographers who seek to inspire their creativity and make shots less common than usual is widespread.

But of course, if already if the fisheye lens is expensive for any SLR camera or evil, if we have miniature price, at first may seem very high. But no. Because the Dash; camera with the world’s smallest fisheye lens, will be released between those who have financed the idea for only $89, which seems a affordable price; What do you think?