Develop a device to improve communication between dogs and humans

A research group at Georgia Institute of Technology are working on a system called FIDO, (facilitating interaction for dogs with occupations). This project aims to improve communication of dogs with humans; it would be of great use in dogs in rescue or assistance. In this idea are involved, the professor Melody Jackson, professor and technical leader of Google Glass, Thad Starner and Clint Zeagler scientific researcher.


Jackson explained FIDO intends to make easier the task of communication between dogs and their owners, either a disabled or rescue body.

How do they accomplish this? A sensor is active in a harness or collar on the dog that transmits a verbal order that the charge can be heard through a handset or see in a screen of Google Glass.

In past experiments conducted by the group of Jackson, they proceeded to the dogs trained in a harness with a microprocessor that had four types of sensors that dogs could activate biting them, pulling them up or placing the mouth.

These trained dogs were able to learn quickly how to activate these sensors that made pop an alarm.

The usefulness of this system is focused on guide dogs or action. For example, with FIDO guide dogs may best address their owners by the city or would allow dogs bomb detectors or communicate with controllers remotely. It could also alert people injured.