Devolo: The solution for WiFi problems

There are many problems that users face in their homes to achieve full wireless reception. Desperation often accompanies the inconvenience, of increasing pitch when querying the solution. Some say you can improve wireless range by setting the radio channel, a task that normally ends up leaving complicated. Others suggest that it would be with a repeater, but its signal is weak. Finally, those who kill flies to Cannon shows favor eliminating the sources of interference. After such wise advice, the problems usually stay there.

wifi solution

To fight the enemy should know before. What are the causes of which there is no adequate wireless reception? Many different. For example, the concrete used in construction. The covers hinder the spread of Wi-Fi signals to several floors. Reason: the metal containing the stored liquids and inhibit the radio links.

Another negative factor is the floor heating, especially if the network spans multiple floors. Wifi networks can not pass through the combination of steel and water. Also water pipes are contrary to Wifi because they are made of metal, containing water and are usually placed right next to the walls. In general, it is difficult to bring Wifi to a room located behind a bath. But not end there discord: the walls and roofs of cardboard plaster and plasterboard weaken wireless signals, in the same manner as the walls of stone and concrete.

The German firm Devolo works in solutions for Wifi reach without limits and optimal mobility in every home. It proposes the optimization of the existing network where it is needed, no configuration, fully automatic for the best quality connection to the “smartphones”, tablets and laptops.

To configure the network access throughout the house is used Devolo Cockpit application, which also allows creating a guest access to quickly became friends. This system gives more freedom and performance, because you can move the tablet or smartphone at home with no interruptions because fluid transmissions between different access points.

The connection to the wireless access point closer with greater signal thanks to automatic access guarantees success. Personalized settings preconfigure connection (SSID, password …) are incorporated, by simply pressing a button, to add additional adapter.

Synchronizing the settings is performed easily and safely through the grid of the home. The previous configuration settings, such as child safety, the Wi-Fi filter or time control is transferred automatically. Furthermore, these solutions are more efficient from energy point of view.