Five quick and simple tips to extend the life of our battery

History repeats itself. We bought a laptop, smartphone, tablet and although during the first months the battery works great, when it pass the first 1000 charges, began to check that it is no longer as before. And it is normal. The Li-ion batteries, which are fitted to most of our gadgets, have a limited useful life, in one of the areas that less progress has been made in recent years.

extend battery life

Especially if we are conscientious and we are not the typical user who needs to renew its terminal almost every year, we can extend the battery life of our devices easily. It is sufficient to follow the following five tips.

Do not wait until the end
Improve battery life implies among other things that we should continue to use the device when the battery level approaching 10% or less. The optimum level of charge for the Li-ion batteries is between 40%-70% and if possible, it is advisable to charge the device several times a day to keep it between those two percentages.

Before placing the phone in a drawer…
If we are planning to stop using our device for a while (over a month), the best practice is to put it up to 50% of its capacity before storing it. If the battery were fully charged, wait for it to reach this 50%. Then we will turn off our gadget and save it in a dry and ventilated space.

And if we are going to keep for more than one month…
If we will actually give a rest to our terminal, but want to keep our battery in good condition, follow the above instructions, charging it back up to 50% capacity in every six months. Thereby causing deterioration will fight in the Li-ion batteries over time.

In the car
The heat can seriously damage the life of our batteries. Therefore it is not a good idea to leave “abandoned” our smartphone in our car. Prolonged exposure to heat may cause our battery never again be the same and we have to change it.

The covers
There is no problem in letting our smartphone connected all night, we always pay some attention to the sheath thereof. The heat given off during loading of the terminal needs to dissipate to not overheat the terminal so if we are using some type of cover that does not allow this type of ventilation, should seek to remove it whenever we are going to charge our devices.