Five tips for not be spied through the cell phone

Whether through apps or viruses, one can be unknowingly being controlled through your cell; recommendations to prevent spying on it and, above all, to preserve our security.

spied through cell phone

With the arrival of mobile phones will be intelligent opened a wide range of possibilities when it comes to perform espionage: from installing spyware applications can easily access to listeners telephone (ignited the microphone even when the phone is turned off), track a person movements, read their emails, view their photo gallery and access all personal information that is hosted there.

“With the excuse of that is serve for control/help to our children or employees, in general, the spyware software for cell is sold as service, with monthly payment and basically what it offers is an application to download and install on your phone and a panel of on-line control to manage that application”, says Javier Ferrero, director of Druidics, consulting firm specializing in computer security.

Once the application is installed, it will remain hidden in the phone and from then on all control is done remotely via the control panel of the site where the service is hired. Something to keep in mind is that for the application to be installed is necessary to have physical access to the victim phone.

Another risk are the PCs computer viruses, are presented as seemingly harmless and attractive applications for the user. When installed, these can cause extensive damage from infection and disabling other applications or the phone itself, kidnapping (blocking) of the phone along with a request for payment to recover it, up to the subscription to payment channels to obtain an economic benefit.

What can we do to minimize these risks?

  • Lock Your phone using a PIN or password.
  • Install Antivirus software, there are free versions of almost all companies.
  • No allow installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Keep The operating system and updated the applications of the phone.
  • Do not leave our phone unlocked beyond our reach.

Finally, to take extra security measures, it is best to use the phone in known wireless networks and not those that -with names tempting as ShoppingWiFi or FreeWiFi – cheat the user so that it gets connected and without being victim of different attacks.