Google Allo, chat app that uses artificial intelligence

It is called Allo and is now available in download stores Google (Play Store) and Apple (App Store). We wanted to try and tell you how it works because it is the instant messaging app for the first time includes artificial intelligence.

google allo

What is Allo?
It is a messaging app developed by Google to help the user to have a conversation and keep it with suggested answers and useful information to solve things. The application promises to be increasingly intelligent, allows you to make plans, to access information and express themselves through the chat. In a statement that Google tells that the app learns and is improving with the time, as known to the user.

How does it work?
When you open Allo for the first time the app will prompt the user telephone number. After verification of the line by a code, you can take a selfie for inclusion in the profile or simply skip the step to proceed to enter the name and start using it.

After the initial configuration, the application displays its two main tools: chat, you can use with other people who using the app (which can be private), and the wizard (Google Assistant) that the company has defined as “the next chapter in the journey” and is the most interesting of the app.

Allo suggests to the user that allows their location, this in order to assist searches and suggestions of the information. If the user does not give access, you cannot enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence that the app can deliver.

Artificial intelligence?
This is the first instant messaging application that provides the user with a virtual assistant that incorporates artificial intelligence.

Try to open the chat with the wizard. Input this salutes and says that it can help to find “what you need”. The feeling of the user is to be chatting with a robot and that makes the incorporation of the wizard is the most awesome option of Allo, and that distinguishes it from other instant messaging applications that exist.

In addition, the virtual assistant can be used in chat rooms (if not incognito) does typing @google and what you want to search. According to the response to your doubt the Assistant of Google can show you in the chat maps, carry it to YouTube or to the Finder and do you suggestions of questions on the topic determined that you searched for, this is the call artificial intelligence.