Google improves security of passwords stored in Chrome

One of the most criticized aspects of Chrome was undoubtedly the lack of security that showed the browser compared to the passwords we had stored on it, which can have very negative consequences for the end user.

chrome password security

In this sense seemed necessary to change that, finally, it seems that they are on their way. Yes, Google has finally taken up the matter and give brief kick off a new security measure with which to protect our passwords saved on Chrome.

What is the measure? For something very simple, in a “general” password that we will use to access our passwords saved in Chrome.

With this will no longer be possible to access them directly by entering in the address bar the chrome://settings/passwords, since we will need this additional password.

Currently this upgrade has made ​​an appearance in the latest version of Chromium for Mac, but we imagine that it will not be exclusive of the same, but that it will also reach the rest.