How to optimize a target page or landing page?

Landing pages or target page play an important role in securing traffic from a site; however, to fulfill this objective it must be designed according to certain factors that invite visitors to click on them. A destination site must be able to resolve the doubts of the visitor and show what the user is looking.

optimize a target page

Here are some tips to improve the performance of the destination pages:

Improve Titles: When a user enters a page, check roughly whether the information sought, therefore, it is essential to achieve capture their attention in those few seconds. Use clear and forceful, graphic titles that define what the user can be found on the site; the content should be so attractive that it can catch the reader’s interest.

Correlation between search and content: As mentioned above, users are not going to read the entire content, try to identify the information they need. If the article is about “the top 10 restaurants”, then you must create a list with big numbers; if the text is a comparison between products then must include pictures, so keep it simple for visitors to identify the intention of the page.

Facilitate identification the user: In this quick reading basics that makes the user must find as the “who, what and why”, related visitors to learn and become familiar with the brand or what it can offer.

This aspect is not only essential in the company’s web site; in the pages of destiny plays an important role to make sure that the brand name is present.

User participation: In addition to containing relevant information and well organized a destination page should motivate the user to perform actions. There are many exercises that can be added that would have great benefits.

A button with the zoom option, it is generally well accepted by users, also options to view additional information or links to similar products. Any alternative that motivates visitors to continue investigating is a good choice.

Different consultations on the same page: One option is well pleased for users is to change the criteria for a search without returning page. Include filters for color, size of the products and the ease of changing from one category to another without having to leave or change pages, motivate users to query multiple products.

Social Networking: Add buttons to facilitate visitors to share content is a key component not only to motivate the user to interact with the page, but also because the products can reach more and more users.

Measure results for query: Google Analytics provides the ability to segment the results shown per visit. Use this filter to identify and better understand users, identifying which keywords work best in different destination pages.

Monitor the competition: Continually review similar sites can help companies identify opportunities and improve potential problems in the target page or in the business site.

The destination pages can be one of the most powerful weapons to achieve increasing sales and traffic. The conversion rate, the usability of a site and actions in social networks has become important factors within the criteria of search engines to locate a page.