Leica Mini M: New camera design to premiere

To say Leica that is to say many things. These include camera and expensive, but many other adjectives describe what has been and is one of the most interesting photography brands in the world of technology.

Leica Mini M

And we talked about it today because apparently, new devices come to market shortly to complete the already important current Leica range. That yes, Leica Mini M is primarily an intermediate branch between the familiar Leica M and Leica X2 Micro.

While it is true that we have no idea about the design of the next Leica Mini M, what we do know is that many users increasingly ask something extra to their devices for photography. And it’s not just about the possibility of having a good perspective, or to get the best effects with the different modes, have a Leica is to enjoy a historical way of doing photography and do it with a unique design.

The truth is that I love them forever, and although I admit that I am passionate about almost everything that has to do with the retro gadgets, but it is also true that in this case I have to admit that as things are at home economics is not that we can say that anyone can allow a luxury that by very beautiful and good, is not cheap, and that is its fundamental problem.