Invent a device that eliminates menstrual pain

It works with the use of electrodes that stimulate the nerve in the pelvic area so that the painful sensation does not come to the brain. It lasts approximately 15 hours.

livia eliminates menstrual pain

A group of scientists and Iranian researchers invented a device called Livia that eliminates menstrual pain running through a clip that is placed in the pants and two electrodes which are attached to the lower abdomen by rubber patches, adjusting it to according to the intensity of the pain suffered.

The effect of the electrodes is a vibration that is responsible for stimulating the nerves so that the pain does not reach the brain. The small device costs 130 euro and lasts about 15 hours. It is put on the belt or attached to the pants and goes unnoticed since it seems a music player.

Livia is switch off for menstrual cramps. Livia is a drug-free solution for menstrual pain. With one touch, the small device closes the ‘gates’ of pain by stimulating nerves and blocks the pain to not be able to move to the brain. No more pain, no more pills.

The project received funding, more than $ 180.000- through a crowd-funding page. On October it will be released.