Keeping a Key Logger Software – Keeping You Safe at All Times

At 1.5 million victims per day, around 556 million individuals become a victim of cyber crime every year which means that every 18 seconds a person faces cyber crime without being able to do much about it. Statistics reveal that not even half of the cyber criminals are caught and are able to get away quite easily.

keeping key logger software

Does that scare you too?
If your answer is yes, it is high time you start thinking how to keep all your online data safe and secure. After all you want to ensure that you yourself and the people you care about are safe and that no one is able to misuse your computer or online data against you.

The answer to all your problems and concerns is the keylogger software named Spytector that always remains ahead of your cyber-enemies by tracking the activities of all the PC users and delivering the logs to the owner via FTP or email in a stealth mode.

Benefits of Installing the Software
So, why do you want to install Spytector?

No more stealing company data
With 59 percent of ex-employees admitting to having stolen company data when they were about to leave their jobs, you really must be wondering what your employees are up to behind your back. Spytector helps you to monitor your employees as they browse the web and allows you to stay one step ahead of them by knowing what they are doing online.

Avoid falling prey to cyber crime
60 percent of the teenagers aged between 15 to 19 years fall prey to some kind of cyber crime, 40 percent out of which is on social-networking sites. Moreover, almost 59 percent of extra-marital affairs are caused do to online chats and interactions making the web the perfect reason for you splitting with your partner. Spytector allows you to monitor all the online activities of your children and your spouse, especially in your absence so that you can stop them from doing something wrong, knowing or unknowingly. It is also help your child from getting access to certain restricted sites on the web.

Stop misuse
If you feel that someone is misusing the information on your PC, Spytector will help you learn about it easily so that you can keep all your information safe and secure no matter how many people get easy access to it. As an employer you can know what your employees have been up to and as a parent, you can monitor your child well. After all, when your child is online, you might want to know if the’ve porn addiction.

Don’t forget your details
Around 45 percent of individuals forget their used websites username and passwords at least once. Spytector can help you log onto the site again in a secure manner and help your revive the password and change it for further use.