LG 3D TVs incorporate new 3D technology

We’ve all heard of the 3D TV from LG and implement further improvements but do we really know how the technology works of 3D TV? Do we know how to make 3D images? What roles do the 3D glasses to watch any 3D movie in our living room? Then we will show how and why we decided on LG 3D TVs and what are the advantages of having an appliance like this in our home.


What 3D technology use LG 3D TVs?
The use of Blu-ray technology 3D joined the 3D technology has made that LG add to its range of TVs 3D cinema to enjoy three-dimensional sensations without leaving your living room. LG’s new 3D TVs incorporate special glasses through which we see images independently and full screen.

To achieve these 3D visions of LG 3D TVs incorporate the technology needed to launch and update images to more or less 125 times per second, alternating clear to our eyes, for this trick the held and make us believe that only we see an image. Such TVs are equipped with a digital converter and specially developed software to manipulate the signal and decide which images to see each eye.

How are the LG 3D glasses?
LG has introduced a new range of glasses for their 3D TVs to enjoy the highest quality while convenience. The new 3D glasses are much lighter and more comfortable and communicate via infrared or radio broadcasts synchronized with the TV and avoid having to use any type of cabling for your use.

The secret is that the glasses of LG 3D TVs are capable of emitting more than 1080 images for each of our eyes dare its LCD lenses. The images that want to display for our right eye and which for our left eye are controlled in this way. The use of this type of spectacles provides twice the information that a normal TV with 2D technology.

The glasses are not only limited to show that images have to watch with our eyes but also process information about where the image should be displayed such sequences for each of our eyes. The new LG 3D TV technology makes the 3D glasses are designed with the technology needed to make the viewer feel that the image is as real as a 3D film.

Today special players already exist for 3D that incorporate a chip able to send all this type of information to the television. 3D LG TVs are designed to work with this type of players giving the viewer a multitude of advantages and conveniences that meet all standards established.

If you are thinking of buying a new TV or renew you have for a new does not hesitate to go for a LG 3D TV because it is a long time investment in technology and quality.

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