LG shows its new smart appliances

LG Electronics has presented in InnoFest 2013 its new range of smart appliances that allow consumers to better savings, comfort, and even health benefits.

LG Eco Door

The South Korean firm showed a double door refrigerator Eco Door and its new second-generation washing technology 6 Motion Direct Drive 2.0, as well as the oven Charcoal Lighting Heater, Hom-Bot Square. “The LG smart appliances are characterized by offering consumers a great value and tangible benefits in their day to day”, explained Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the division of LG Electronics Home Appliance.

“Helping to keep the house clean and organized, our products have been specially created to offer savings, comfort, and performance and health benefits. LG is focused on improving the lives of consumers by developing smart technologies. We believe our products are the best choice for the next ten years and the next”, he adds.

In this regard, LG smart appliances provide savings and convenience. For example, the innovative refrigerator with double door system, ECO Door, which “facilitates the access to the most common food “. In addition to providing convenience to consumers, the storage area helps save energy as it prevents cold air from escaping, as the company says. This system also helps to keep the food fresh and benefits the consumer, in addition to free space increasing the maintainability of the refrigerator.

LG’s effort to develop smart appliances is evident in the Hom-Bot Square. In addition to automatically suck is equipped with the innovative Corner Master. This is a set of features that include the square design of the product, brushes longer and improved sensors. This ensures greater precision in household cleaning.