Samsung presents its new range of video surveillance cameras in High Definition

Samsung has launched a new range of Full HD network camera (1080p) of 2 megapixel, in what is considered the most important product launch of the company in 2013.

Samsung Full HD network camera

The eight new models feature new Wisenet III DSP chipset developed by the company for high-definition IP network cameras become automatically the preferred choice when specifying a new video surveillance system.

“The price is always an important variable, but customers also appreciate the improvements in image quality, especially when it comes to low light scenes”, says Tim Biddulph, product manager of the company. “In addition, attach great importance to a more intelligent use of network bandwidth and the need for more intuitive cameras for installers, which are easier to install and configure”.

The new models Full HD camera, which can capture high quality images when lighting levels are as low as 0.01 lux, have a fast frame rate of 60 fps to 1.080p, providing sharp images without latency. This can be especially beneficial in a scene with moving subjects, as it ensures that the contours of the image remain crisp and clear.

The expansion the dynamic range (WDR) enhanced and integrated into the WiseNetIII DSP chipset, with superior performance to 100 dB, can produce accurate images in scenes where coexist brightly lit areas and very dark areas. At the same time, maintaining the correct color when adopting the tone mapping adaptive to the region and blurring are reduced by Motion Artfact Reduction technology (reduction of moving parts).

The technology P-iris optimizes the iris when multiple lighting conditions coexist in a single view to create images with clarity, and a better depth of field. You can use the lights to help improve the clarity of the images captured in bad weather such as rain or fog. At the same time, digital image stabilization (DIS), previously found only in analog chipsets corrects the results of an unsteady camera by wind or vibration of buildings.

“All these features may seem complicated. However, we are confident that the installers will seem easy to set up”, he says. “We are also convinced that installers will appreciate the Simple Focus feature, which will help them save time and is integrated into most models, to perform the focus adjustment fully automatically. All you have to do is press a button on the back of the camera to make this adjustment”.

An additional benefit provided by this feature is so smart that when you change the camera mode from color to monochrome with the help of the function Day/Night Camera, Simple Focus function automatically optimizes mechanical approach needed for sharp and clear images.

Samsung has introduced a new cabling system to further improve the ease and speed at which you can install the new models WiseNetIII. The Cables and cable glands are supplied separately in the box, so that installers can easily choose the alternative option to directly connect their own network cables, new or old, and in the case of dome cameras, can do so without having to remove the electronic part of the rear panel.