Logitech Cube: Special cubic mouse for presentations

The Swiss brand introduced this 2012 a strange mouse that has not left indifferent to those who love new technology. It is extremely small, cuboid-shaped (like a matchbox) and is specially designed to carry from one place to another and make presentations comfortably.

logitech cube

The first thing that stands out is its small size it takes some getting used to. On the hand or even occupies the entire palm and, to operate without wires thanks to a signal receiver connected in the computer’s USB port, mimics easily with other objects of the desktop.

At the level of buttons stresses that are not aligned in parallel, as usually happens in other mice, but as the left button is located in front of and behind the right. Although the principle is really strange to use, the end is equally comfortable in other mice. On the other hand the typical scroll wheel of conventional mice is directly over the top of the “Cube” with its touch pad and its Flow Scroll technology that produces a similar shift of touch phones.

All these features coupled to the motion sensor that allows you to move the mouse on any surface (even after a little training can move with your finger) make this device the perfect ally for those addicted to the presentations.

Finally, the system of signal reception includes the Logitech Unifying technology that allows you to connect up to six devices wirelessly to a distance of up to 25 meters, which allows you to have the remaining free USB ports on the computer.

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