MiraMagia Masterfully Combines Farming and Fantasy

Gamers have a lot of options when it comes to browser based games. One of the best strategy games of this type is this railnation.us free browser game, in which players compete against others to create the most efficient and powerful railway business. For those who prefer farm simulation games, one of the most entertaining browser-based games in the genre is MiraMagia, which won MMO of the year in 2012.


What makes MiraMagia unique is that it combines RPG and fantasy elements into its farm simulation, allowing users to choose their own destiny as sorcerers, mages, druids or shamans. Instead of farming traditional crops such as corn or wheat, players can grow magical plants, such as Tubular Mushrooms and Stone Truffles.

Instead of tending to cattle or horses, players may find themselves caring for baby dragons, who can participate in races. Weather also plays a major role in MiraMagia. Players try to grow their crops in conditions ranging from sunny to rainy to snowy.

MiraMagia also offers multiplayer options, which allow players to spend time with friends and family. Joining a village provides them with the opportunity to chat, play, give gifts or play pranks on other players.

The game is also highly customizable. In addition to choosing their own professions, players can decorate their villages in any way they like. They can also dress up their characters in a wide variety of styles. Costumes range from Egyptian headdresses to English jester outfits.

Another one of MiraMagia’s strengths is that it is graphically appealing, with colorful characters and animals lining its landscapes. Playing it feels like walking onto the pages of an old-fashioned fairytale.

Seasonal decorations make the game particularly fun to play during holiday seasons. Players may place decorated Christmas trees, sleds, presents and snowmen around their villages. Some villages even boast lights and Christmas displays. Even gingerbread men make an appearance.

Because it features no objectionable content in it, MiraMagia is a game which can be enjoyed by young players and old players alike.