New Tivo Mini to watch cable TV in any room of the house

The new TiVo Mini allows us to bring the cable programming to any room in the house without having another DVR. There is also a cable, but not for what you believe. The Mini does not have an internal tuner, which is also why not have a CableCARD slot. Instead, it is based on one of four tuners on a TiVo Premiere for live TV.

TiVo Mini

TiVo owners with only dual tuner models have no chance since the Mini requires at least one of four tuners. The cable mentioned earlier is a way to network your devices and merge them, but using Mocha instead of Ethernet. While it is not as prevalent as CAT5 in the world of communications, MoCA has to grow as the medium chosen for the whole-home DVRs.

This is due to the number of households in the United States with an existing cable that was already in all rooms, and reliable output that goes well with traditional TV services, such as DirecTV, Dish and many others that based on some form of this technology, for example. Unlike TiVo Premiere with MoCA, the Mini won’t work as a network for your gaming console or your smart TV connection so doesn’t try it.

Although there are two ways to connect to the network, some may be looking for the WiFi, but will not find it here. This is not a surprise, given that none of the modern TV extenders have it. We are convinced that this is for reasons of reliability, especially since TiVo was very clear in saying that the Mini does not use WiFi for nothing.