Oki C801

The printers faced to professional environments are no longer large wade through difficult to use and carry around. This model C801 is the irrefutable proof of it. Despite allowing prints up to A3 format, the design of this Oki is very compact, taking into account the usual dimensions in this range.

Oki C801

The C801 has measures 63.4 x 48.5 x 34.5 mm, with 40 kilos of weight, so you will not need a large space to place it in the office.

The evidence does not disappoint in relation to the figures provided by the manufacturer. The team is able to obtain 31 ppm and 22 ppm in black and white color, respectively. It is even faster to start printing, making the waiting time for the first sheet is reduced to 11 seconds (in most models this time exceeds 16 seconds). The latter would not be possible if it were not for its LED technology. In conclusion, this Oki is especially recommended for all those companies or businesses to conduct frequent and numerous impressions.

Increasing speed, in this case, is not sacrificing print quality. This can be easily checked when working with color gradients and gray scales, which are reflected properly on the paper. Equally good results are obtained when testing with colors based on the three primary colors (red, green and blue).

Yes, this all sounds great, but what about the consumption of the printer? The Oki C801 does not spend too much ink and the life of your cartridges is about average, with margins of 7000-7300 pages depending on whether there was talk of its toner of B/W or color.

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