Overheating Problems? A sticker cools all your devices

The truth is that in the world of gadgets we find a lot of accessories that curious to take advantage of our devices. Today we’re going to tell of how we have changed and how in the US market offer alternatives with which solve the most common problems we encounter in the daily use of the devices.

thanko sticker

And in this case come from the hand of a little known brand, but I think it will surprise you. We talked about the stickers to keep the temperature of our gadgets. I present Thanko accessory.

Overheating Problems? A sticker cools all your devices and keeps the standard temperature. The truth is that knowing that there are many brands that have high-end terminals with this problem, and that in the case of laptops we always complain of excess temperature that it reaches, as it seems a simple solution which does not complicate our life.

Of course, the dimensions of time are not as small as we would like 38 x 0.2 x 47cm, although it is true that the weight is very low. We refer to gram weight, so that is why if it is true that the Thanko sticker has found the most amazing.