Tricks for iPhone

In recent years Iphone has become one of the most famous and prestigious phones in the world, with its revolutionary new display “TouchScreen”, have opened new horizons in the world of mobile or portable gadget. Now we bring you the best tricks for Iphone.

iPhone tricks

The iPhone tricks that we will show them below work for any model of Iphone (1.0 or 2.0), no matter the type of firmware, as these tricks work on any firmware or operating system. It is worth mentioning that the tricks that we use below do not damage the cell, since they are harmless and can be turned off when we want.

List of tricks for Iphone

How to capture a screen image: To capture a screen image, we have to press the start button on the phone next to the home button of the iPhone, this will do the same time. After doing this, the screenshot will be saved as an image in the section “IMAGES”.

How to enable scientific calculator: To enable scientific calculator, we have to select the normal calculator and then turn the cell horizontally for that then the calculator will become scientific.

How to listen music while enjoying a video game: To play music, we will have to wait until the Iphone finished playing a theme and then press the Music button, so that it stays in play mode.

How to lock folders on the Iphone: To lock folders on the iPhone, we will have to go to Settings and select the option ‘Lock folders’, every time we want unlock a folder, we will have to press the Home button and enter the password, previously selected.