Recharge your mobile gadget with a cup of hot coffee or cold soda

Probably the concepts you are seeing on the screen capture not seem like anything new. But in reality it is. A cup that loads a mobile terminal? Well, yes. It’s what you’re thinking.

cup loads mobile

Just the opposite to what we now sell in many shops of Accessories for mobile phones. For the time being we could buy a kind of iron that connected to our mobile warmed up the coffee, but Kickstarter want to do just the opposite that is the coffee that recharge your phone. What do you think?

Actually the operation of this gadget that currently still in fundraising stage, works with the heat and cold, and if they get the money to do it, will become the first gadget can recharge your phone with a cup of hot coffee or cold drink.

Especially considering that the autonomy of our terminals always fails us when we need it, I think it’s a great idea that someone deserves to make it to the market. Assuming you’re away from home and without a charger plug. A hot coffee or a cold drink is anywhere in the world. Well then you have a system where you have loads beyond.