Some tips on domain registrations

Choosing the right domain name for your company or project is fundamental to develop your business. Then here we approached a number of very useful tips to devise a strategy that will ensure domains an effective presence on the Internet:

domain registration

Triple W
Today there are many internet users who do not bother to write the ‘www’ domain. So it is important that your domain can function without ‘www’.

Add many gateways
The domain is the gateway to your website. And it is a proven fact that the more doors can be offered to users, more visits your web site. It is therefore advisable to register domains similar to your main domain.

Do not use hyphens
When choosing a domain name, avoid using hyphens because a script is hard to remember. Usually people do not remember if it’s a script of the medium (-) or an underscore (_), or where in the domain is located. Much easier to remember than the domain, more visits will your website.

Numbers, if only are significant
Just as a script is hard to remember, the same can happen with a number. It is best used only if it is part of the mark or if it means something to the person who is visiting the site.

Much shorter, the better
Short names are easier to remember. When choosing a domain name, it is better to opt for one that does not exceed 12 characters. We must also bear in mind that the name is easy to pronounce and to type.

Easy to remember
The ideal for your domain name is the name of your company. If it was already occupied, opt for a name as close as possible, but easy to remember and relate to your company or category.

Even with errors
If your domain can lead to mistyping someone, it’s best to make sure the domain with the most common mistakes. That means you should buy some similar spelling type domain. In this way, the people who are looking for your web site, what they are going to find for more that they’re wrong when typing the domain.

Your name = your company
Another way to add traffic to your site is by registering your personal name and redirects it to your business website. So, people who know you and seek your network domain or discover your organization will not doubt your connection with it.

Caring for the brand
If you already have registered your domain .Com, it’s time to think about protecting your brand. Remember that anyone can purchase an available domain at any time, so you have to get ahead of the competition and registering all available extensions for your domain name. For example, international domains like .Net, .Org, .Biz or regional.

Registration price
When you registrar your domain you should check the registration price. Registration price is different form register to register. You can find cheap domain register after searching in the internet. But you should also check the register company popularity.

The domain before the design
It is highly recommended that you register the domain before you start designing the website. Allocate funds for web designers and advertising campaigns before having secured domain is to risk losing the money invested. Discovering that the domain is occupied can be much more than bad news.

Caring and plan the regional to international
If your business is carried out in a particular region, it is important to record the termination for that place. For example, if you make business in Argentina and Mexico, your customers will feel more supported logging into a domain and But count on .Com will give your site internationally.

An extension says much
While the .Com is the most rapidly ending comes to mind, there are many other extensions that refer to the type of site you are staying. For example, if your site corresponds to an NGO (non-profit), it would be appropriate to register .Org.

Do not confuse users
Having chosen a domain, make sure the name matches the name of your site. if your domain has a name and your site the other, the visitor may feel confused and thinking that went into the wrong place.

Respect trademarks
It is best to avoid names that are registered trademarks or variants of a trademark. It is probable that the holder of the mark initiate actions to claim ownership of the domain. The same goes for domains that are names of artists, institutions or organizations with regional or worldwide.

A good option to choose a domain that will help you to be positioned in search engines, thinking of the key words that your potential customers can get to use to find it.

No change
Change the domain halfway implies several disadvantages. Apart from the confusion generated between those people visiting your website regularly, you will be affecting the Google PageRank that associated with your domain.

Do not ever lose
Always remember the expiration date of your domain. Remember that when a domain expires and is released, anyone can register it. Losing your domain may have serious repercussions for your business.