System76 Darter UltraThin: powerful laptop, touch, and with Ubuntu 13.10

The integrator specializing in Linux, System76, presented new laptop model Darter UltraThin, with 14-inch touch screen, Intel Haswell processor and the latest version of the GNU/Linux Ubuntu 13.10 distribution.

System76 Darter UltraThin

System76 is proving to be marketed alternative devices to Windows and Mac OS X, offering increasingly comprehensive catalog portable desktops, servers and notebooks based on Linux.

The latest model is the UltraThin Darter, a laptop equipped with the latest Intel Haswell thanks to the possibility of riding with Core i5 4200U or Core i7 4500U, with 440 HD graphics, up to 16 Gbytes of DDR3-1600 RAM in dual channel options storage capacity of up to 1.2 TBytes mounting two SSD, SATA and Intel mSATA, Crucial or Samsung format.

Another outstanding component is its 14.1-inch multitouch screen with Full HD native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its connectivity is standard on a laptop computer including the latest Wi-Fi standard (ac) on a Centrino Bluetooth module.

The System76 Darter UltraThin pre-installed 64-bit Ubuntu 13.10 and offers 5GB free cloud storage on Ubuntu One. It will be on sale from October 28 from $899.