The smartwatch of Google is based on Google Now

A report says that the first intelligent clock-Giant Mountain View, provisionally known as Gem Nexus, will settle on the platform Google Now.

google smartwatch

What this shows a clear effort by Google facing differentiate their product from those already on the market. Thus, we would have among its functions the device automatically notified by way of information, so we will not have to search for ourselves.

Just so we understand better exposed can cite an example, if we enter a hotel and have our smartwatch us connected to the Internet it automatically displays the most important information of the same.

As expected we can customize such notifications and services, in addition to easily synchronize device with other Android-based handsets.

So far still no concrete hardware level details, but we can assume that will have WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover says that it could be presented on October 31, but would not count on available commercially until next year.