TAGO Arc: Electronic ink bracelet that can change its design

Tago Arc is funded through Indiegogo which aims to sell an original bracelet, as its design can be changed by using electronic ink to display other of any kind, including phrases using the alphabet.

Tago Arc

There is an intelligent device because it does not serve to notify nothing, not even as an extension of your smartphone or tablet, also serves to keep track of anything, because it is only able to reproduce the designs that are sent to it. But the idea has far exceeded its fundraising goal in a few days, is that Tago Arc is shown as a gadget that may mark trend.

By using electronic ink, does not include battery and does not require a lot of energy to keep printed designs, which can be changed through an application for Android, using NFC. The transfer of design from the Android mobile Tago Arc through NFC generates enough energy to change, and then stay well. Because the NFC in the iPhone only works for Apple Pay, Apple smartphones are incompatible with Tago Arc. The process for now is a bit slow; however the creators of Tago Arc are working to make something faster.

Tago Arc also offers the possibility of buying new designs through its app, which would cost about $1 each, opening a small niche market to people with certain artistic skills.