Take a picture with the iPhone 5 in hand

The 12 September of this month presented the flagship of Apple, the new generation phone that introduced the intelligent name: iPhone 5. And although it has not yet reached the stores, and there is a way to have it in your hands, even virtually. This is possible thanks to the application HandsonAR. A curious utility that is based on the Augmented Reality to overlay a 3D model of this terminal on real images taken with the camera of our Android terminal.

HandsonAR apps

Thus, we come across a rather surprising application which, although it may seem to not have any utility, if a discovery and entertainment for those who do not know the Augmented Reality. All this through a sea of simple implementation and informative which has two main functions: to provide technical information terminal and an understanding of its physical appearance and, somehow, to play with it. We explain below.

Just start HandsonAR we ran into a single menu. In it we find the specifications of the iPhone 5 and six other high-end devices. So, we know the size of our screen, its dimensions and weight, storage capacity or power, among other issues. Also shown is a 3D model that can rotate and move in any direction to appreciate all sides and design. But this is not the most entertaining and fun application.

The fun begins when you click on VIEW AR in the bottom of the screen. Here comes into play commentary Augmented Reality. Thus the camera of our terminal starts, showing the camera Point message on screen to the printed marker! And it is necessary to have a code to guide chart to represent this terminal. A simple drawing that can be printed on paper for maximum mobility and enjoy a performance on any surface of the iPhone 5.

Once printed, or directly on the computer screen, and the application can focus HandsonAR. This will automatically be the iPhone 5 appears on the screen of your terminal. The same model we saw in the tab menu technique but except for the fact that now we can approach it from any perspective for all their details. And there’s more. In addition to moving to hear all perspectives, we can slide our finger across the screen to rotate and do the same with the back. Do not forget that you can also change its screens with a simple push on it.

Finally, we found three useful buttons on the bottom right of the screen. The first allows us to take a picture; we can simulate the terminal at our disposal. The second, the palette is varied colors of the terminal between the two that have already been confirmed: black and white. Finally, the + button allows you to add another terminal that collects the application to place it to the side and make a virtual comparison.

In short, a pretty amazing application, with a 3D model highly detailed in which have not forgotten anything, not even the edges beveled glass. But best of all is that you can download for free for Android OS terminal. It is available in Google Play, where you can also download the code used to represent it.

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