Take Advantage Of The Latest Citrix Printing Software

Nearly every business can benefit from Citrix terminal printing and Citrix remote desktop printing technologies. They provide a quick and efficient manner to produce a high volume of documents. Let’s take a closer look at these capabilities and what sorts of scenarios they are designed for.

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The benefits of Citrix printing software are wide and varied. A universal print driver can be utilized to translate any sort of desired print job into a PDF format. This format allows for quick prints no matter how massive. PDFs take up significantly less bandwidth than other formats so they are sent easily and quickly. Citrix terminal printing, from dependable companies like UniPrint enables anyone to easily send a PDF print preview by way of e-mail and also store it in an archive for future use. Citrix printing software also allows for safe transmissions to any number of locations.

There are no printer driver compatibility problems when using the universal print driver software. It actually improves the security and stability of both print jobs and servers. As long as a printer is set up on the network, documents can be printed “remotely”, meaning from a location that does not match the printer’s location. The single universal printer driver simplifies the installation of new printers and makes printer troubleshooting quite easy. It also facilitates the redirection of print jobs sent to computers that are not working properly. IT personnel will also appreciate that they will be able to create customized user profiles for each printer hooked up to the network. Each profile will allow the user to customize his printing options as he sees fit.

There is no need to be concerned about compromising data integrity when printing remotely. It has a proven track record of safety and reliability. Communication channels are encrypted to send PDF data with amazing speed. The universal printer driver’s remote desktop server will take the place of the traditional printer drivers that were installed by the original manufacturer. This means that management of printers and print jobs are consolidated.

Citrix’s remote desktop technology enables employees to use their home computers as their work computers to send massive print jobs to printers located in any of the company’s offices. This technology is compatible with ink jet printers, dot matrix printers and laser printers. Imagine a manager on a crucial business trip. He needs to have some recently updated files printed and sent to client. He can do this through remote desktop printing as he will be enabled to send the print job command to his office staff from his laptop in his hotel. If IT personnel encounter troubles they don’t have to burn time troubleshooting. Citrix has expert tech support available to assist with problem solving.