The next iPhone could come with fingerprint sensor

Today we will talk again return to the Apple world, although in this case we are going to talking about their next mobile terminal which has us on the question of whether it will be only a minimum upgrade of the current iPhone 5, or its will become in a new generation of iPhone, because some people even believe that the company will not go for apple iPhone 5s but directly launch the iPhone 6.

iPhone 5

The next iPhone could come with fingerprint sensor, which would be the greatest advantage to all current terminals in the high-end market but could not understand it as one minor update.

The next iPhone could come with fingerprint sensor with the ability to locked to someone other than its owner, and although insurance safety formula invented the hack, is definitely a new method of persuasion to the alien lovers.

As I say, I’m not so sure of the fact that the iPhone 5s will be a real change of generation, or that it will find a novelty as this fingerprint detector in it, although Apple sometimes you never know and get surprise at the time we thought we know everything. Precisely for this reason we must be careful with rumored leaks. Do you think that the next iPhone 5s will be so innovative?