The ultimate way to control your weight, a ‘pacemaker’ for the stomach

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given go-ahead to the use in the United States of one of the latest technological advances, seeking to help us with the uncontrollable appetite.

maestro rechargeable system

This kind of pacemaker for the stomach is called The Maestro Rechargeable System and sends high frequency electrical signals to the vagus nerve to tell the brain that, now we have more hungry but have eaten little.

This advance in the treatment of obesity cannot access any who wants to lose weight. It’s been proven to work, making it continuously without great loss of weight. In the first test, at least 20% of weight was lost an average of 50% of the patients.

This was important to prove it because their potential patients are those who, in addition to a significant obesity, dragged at least another problematic associate, such as problems of heart, diabetes, or high pressure.

Treatment with Maestro Rechargeable System requires surgery similar to placing a heart pacemaker, and has a high cost – $30,000 to $40,000 including the necessary operation for placement.