Top eCommerce New Year’s Resolutions

Making resolutions is a fun way to focus your priorities for the year ahead. Make sure your ecommerce business is on track with these top New Year’s resolutions.

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Embrace all the holidays. At this point you might be thoroughly over the year-end holidays. However, the calendar is full of holidays which are fantastic potential opportunities for boosting revenue. You don’t have to be a jeweler to take advantage of Valentine’s Day or a florist to take advantage of Mother’s Day. Plan out your promotions calendar now to strategize your holiday marketing campaigns for the upcoming year.

Delegate. Maybe you’re not a marketing expert. If so, it’s high time you delegated marketing responsibilities to someone who is. Websites such as offer a wide variety of services from marketing to website building. It’s well worth the investment to let an expert handle marketing so you can get back to running your business.

Spruce things up. When was the last time your website’s look was updated? If you can’t remember, you’re probably due for an overhaul. Keeping your website fresh and exciting doesn’t have to mean a complete redesign. Small touches can go a long way. For instance, update your product photos and descriptions, or update the style of your landing page. The last thing you want is potential customers being put off by a website that looks dated.

Make things mobile. If your website isn’t already mobile-friendly, it needs to be… yesterday. According to comScore, the tipping point has been reached and now more people make purchases via mobile device than by desktop or laptop computer. Having a responsive, mobile-friendly website isn’t an option, it’s an absolute must.

Make customer service a priority. This is something you’re probably already doing, but the first of the year is an ideal time to recommit to customer service. Make sure you are getting customer feedback, and truly listening and responding within 24 hours. While it might be tough to take, negative feedback is especially important because it tells you exactly where your business needs to improve. Responding to negative feedback in a positive way is an effective way to maintain good will and retain that customer.

Above all, resolve to remember what got you excited about your business in the first place and get back to it. It’s that excitement and passion that will drive you and your business to the next level throughout the coming year.