Ubi: you know the computer that never sleeps

For those who believe themselves to be always at the cutting edge of technology and innovation can now bring them news that did not know, because going to to inform Ubi, a computer that promises two things that so far has not given us any other equipment, at least of which we have in the large consumer market. This is a device capable of not ever fall asleep, and that gives us a connection from anywhere in the house.

Ubi computer

Ubi is a computer to which you can connect from anywhere in the house and that promises not to fall asleep never.

That is to say, that is a computer without a display, so we can connect to from any display of the home using Wireless. That means that any screen of a tablet, a smartphone or a TV, as well as any monitor can be enabled from any site.

In addition, includes voice control as well as sensors of notification that show us what is happening and help us to keep abreast of despite having no screen. The operating system used is Android 4.1 and allows voice management.

It is possible already to do the reservation of this Ubi computer, for a price of $219.

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