Wireless mouse for fans of NES consoles

A wireless mouse but with a current design as the old NES console surprised by linking both worlds.

Wireless mouse for NES consoles

Probably within every good lover of technology has a part of nostalgic. And do not mean that we do not want to evolve with the gadgets, if not to the fact that there are some accessories that allow us to enjoy the best tech of today, but with designs inspired by the past that point us the scary and remind us good moments lived with technologies from other decades. Today we are going to submit a wireless mouse for fans of the NES consoles.

Although it seems something out of a movie from the 80’s, is of our decade, and therefore has all the current technology that we ask a quality mouse. Moreover, we do not need wires, and then, when the NES was the console of the moments, the cables were not only important if not that to have them to heaps supposed being in the wave.

That has created this fantastic wonder for nostalgic is a designer working at Instructables. That if, for the time being it has not occurred out to the market, but if you think of yourselves a good handyman, you can always make use of the manual that leave us in the same web to be able to create our own.

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