Yahoo interrupt access to its services with Facebook and Google account

Yahoo will no longer allow access to its online services, including Fantasy Sports and the photo sharing site Flickr, using Facebook or Google accounts.

yahoo interrupt

The change, which will be applied gradually, according to a spokesman for Yahoo, will require that users who entered before entering their Facebook or Google user data are recorded as Yahoo users to use any of the services provided by this site.

The initiative represents the last change applied the Executive President Marissa Mayer, who is trying to generate renewed interest in web products of the firm and improve their stagnant incomes.

“Yahoo is continually working to improve the user experience”, the company said in a statement, noting that the new process “will allow us to offer the best personalized experience for everyone”.

Since Mayer took over the firm in 2012, the company has released new versions of many of its key products, including mail and Yahoo Finance.

Last year, Yahoo announced a program to recycle the accounts were not active, allowing new users to get the email addresses that have not been used for over 12 months.

By removing the input patterns on Facebook and Google, Mayer, who was executive at the latter, is changing Yahoo adopted a strategy in 2010 and 2011 under the leadership of Carol Bartz.

Buttons connection for Facebook and Google removed from all Yahoo properties, Yahoo spokeswoman said, although he didn’t specify when it would be approved.