Iconia One 8, a new Tablet designed for the touch

Acer Iconia One 8

The manufacturer Acer has announced the release of a new touchscreen tablet, Iconia One 8. Equipped with 8 inch touch screen, it relies on advanced features like the ability to use it with any tip and recognize gestures in order to run different functions. Currently, it must be said that tablets will follow and are very similar in terms of design and functionality. However, Acer released Iconia One 8, a device that relies on technologies built into the screen and especially Precision Plus which offers, according to the manufacturer, a…

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The Seaboard, a revolutionary music interface

The Seaboard

At first, The Seaboard has everything a traditional keyboard. But looking more closely, we realize that with its surface of contact in silicone, this instrument is not really like the others. On a classic piano, each key has a specified height. The Seaboard, meanwhile, is not limited by ratings or even by keys. Under his silicone keyboard, the device embeds a series of pressure sensors that allow expression of sound that a traditional keyboard would not allow.

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Firefox Vs Internet Explorer What You Need To Know

Firefox or Internet Explorer

The debate about Firefox or Internet Explorer, which is the best browser, has been going on for a long time now. While both the browsers have its own share of loyal users’ base around the world it is still an open race, it cannot be pinpointed yet that a certain browser is better than the other. Both the browsers have its own unique features and comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you are doing a comparison between Firefox and Internet then here is what you need…

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HP Spectre x360: A convertible for master them all

HP Spectre x360

HP has announced the availability of its HP Spectre x360. We are talking about a convertible ultrabook which has become the flagship of the firm in this segment and that, in the past, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was awarded as the best notebook presented at the fair. From the point of view of design, the great strength of the device, we speak of a laptop built in a single piece of aluminum, which has a thickness of only 15.9mm at its thinnest part and 1.49kg of weight. The sides…

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Facebook Messenger already has web interface with its own domain

facebook messenger

After announcing that transform Facebook Messenger on a platform for instant messaging, the company of the world’s most widely used social network announce that it has taken the concept of using the messaging service as a separate app to a web site, with the domain of www.messenger.com. This marks another step in the intention to transform Facebook Messenger on a separate platform, which for use require an account on the social network, as with a Gmail account can access all Google services. The Facebook Messenger web application looks very similar…

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Samsung gives details about the Gear A, a round smartwatch

Samsung Gear A

In the MWC 2015 in Barcelona Samsung announced that it was developing a new SmartWatch, The Gear A, which would have the peculiarity that would be round, more suitable to the tastes of people looking for a more classic design in smartwatches, which reminded a little analog clocks of a lifetime, and that seemed a little less to a “complex” electronic device. There will be two variants of Gear A. One that will be as standard Bluetooth network connection and other that will incorporate 3G connection, in addition to being…

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