Solution to failure of Wi-Fi in iPhone with iOS 6

iOS 6 on iPhone 5

iOS 6 is the next major update to the mobile operating system from Apple that since Wednesday and is available for download. The new release features many improvements over iOS 5 and the models are compatible with this release iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2 and new iPad, but not everyone will have all the news, especially the oldest as the iPhone 3GS. Overall iOS 6 has been very well accepted in regard to level of shock in the early hours, it is estimated that at least…

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Take a picture with the iPhone 5 in hand

HandsonAR apps

The 12 September of this month presented the flagship of Apple, the new generation phone that introduced the intelligent name: iPhone 5. And although it has not yet reached the stores, and there is a way to have it in your hands, even virtually. This is possible thanks to the application HandsonAR. A curious utility that is based on the Augmented Reality to overlay a 3D model of this terminal on real images taken with the camera of our Android terminal. Thus, we come across a rather surprising application which,…

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5 criticism things of the iPhone 5


Screen Size: The Cupertino firm has finally increased their phone’s screen star and endowed it with the Retina Display technology. However, are 4 inches enough? The flag of the smartphone competition have dimensions significantly higher and the industry has grown accustomed to mobile users with larger, with a minimum standard of 4.3 inches. We have the Galaxy S III, with 4.8 inches, the Nokia Lumia 920, with 4.5, the HTC One X, with 4.7 or Sony Xperia with 4.5. Cameras that do not shine: The iPhone 5 is provided with…

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How will be the new iPhone 5?

iPhone 5

Apple has already confirmed. On September 12 we will know the new iPhone 5 with its expected new design and a substantial improvement in processing capability. Since a few months ago are exposed to some rumors more or less based on how it will be the new smartphone from apple. One of the rumors that has taken more weight in recent weeks is provided by its new design, larger (especially rings may be more elongated) to better view the contents, which could in turn distribute differently the classic elements of…

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