5 tips to take advantage of your emails

advantage of emails

The email data analysis company Yesware, based in Boston, developed several tips to improve the art of emailing, after reviewing more than 500,000 sales emails sent by its users. Here the five most important points. Which subject put? Following the presidential elections in the United States, in 2012, members of the campaign team of Barack Obama revealed that the most successful “matter” had been used as a title for their mailings containing only the word “Hey” (Hello). This idea gave them millions of dollars. Could you do likewise? Yesware policymakers…

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5 Tips for Creating a Strong Password for gmail.com Login

protect gmail password

The increasing expanse of the internet and with the number of cyber crimes on the high, it is becoming really important to ensure the best online security for every user. The Gmail account is often one of the most crucial online accounts maintained by the users, and losing this account, or letting an unauthorized access happen to this account can have deleterious effect on your life and work. Passwords play a crucial role in making our data secured in the online world, and ensuring that your Gmail account has a…

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Can Communication Be Free? Awesome Tips For You

communication be free

There was a time when communication was expensive. If you wanted to talk to people the other side of the world, you’d have to pay massive fees for the privilege. Now, with the advent of modern technology, there are loads of ways that you can chat to people. Keeping in touch with friends and relatives across the globe has never been easier. As long as you have a tablet, laptop or smartphone, you have access to a whole host of technology. Here is a simple guide to free communication. Free…

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How does a call functions in a VoIP system?

voip call system

After detailing how it works in a conventional call, proceed to detail thoroughly a call on a complete VoIP phone systems: First: It should generate a signal from the computer or device that starts the conversation, this in turn is sent over the Internet to your computer or from your computer. Well this also depends on the type of VoIP and the company, the source and destination may be normal phones, and the call would only partially through VoIP, sometimes even without the user knows about it.

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Yahoo interrupt access to its services with Facebook and Google account

yahoo interrupt

Yahoo will no longer allow access to its online services, including Fantasy Sports and the photo sharing site Flickr, using Facebook or Google accounts. The change, which will be applied gradually, according to a spokesman for Yahoo, will require that users who entered before entering their Facebook or Google user data are recorded as Yahoo users to use any of the services provided by this site. The initiative represents the last change applied the Executive President Marissa Mayer, who is trying to generate renewed interest in web products of the…

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Alternative browsers to better surf the Web from your phone or tablet

alternative browsers

The web browsers war, which began in the personal computer in the mid-90s under the leadership of the defunct Netscape, is now at issue in mobile devices. The new stars of the mobile industry, which managed to capture the attention of users with their touchscreens at the expense of PC, became the new scenario of giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft, among others. According to the ranking by Net Applications, Apple and Google’s distribute the domain between the users of smartphones and tablets: Apple’s Safari browser has a market share…

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10 recommendations to combat cyber threats in the new year

combat cyber threats

Computer security is no longer just the preserve of the CEO and the IT department, the threats have become so ubiquitous that illegal entry points are numerous and the consequences of a violation are so severe that every member of the organization must have a participation and active role in the protection of information against cyber threats. Here gives some tips that range from basic to advance. Some organizations have already addressed some or even many, but not all have addressed the issue adequately. Focus on what matters: Identify and…

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Oracle Certification Exam for the Customer Hub

A single certification exam, the 1Z0-587, is all that is required for earning the Oracle Customer Hub and Data Quality Certified Implementation Specialist certification. This exam, which is entitled the Oracle Customer Hub and Oracle Data Quality Essentials, is designed for IT personnel with between two and four years of field experience in implementation projects that involve the Master Data Management solutions from Oracle; however, the 1Z0-587 is open to any individual that wishes to obtain certification in the discipline. There are a total of 71 questions presented on the…

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The latest technology in the world of cinema in your living room

4K X-Reality Pro

It seems like yesterday when technology more we approached the film industry without leaving home and going through a VHS player. Later came the DVD where we can enjoy watching DVD movie and our televisions began to understand the world of cinema, especially on rainy afternoons, where you take the car to go to the movies and the mere fact of leaving home with bad weather outside became sufficient arguments.

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Five of the Best SIM Only Deals for Orange Customers

orange plan

Mobile phones are no longer an option for a lot of people, but rather they’ve become a necessity for those with kids or certain types of jobs. When choosing a plan, you of course want to try and find the best deal; a plan that is going to provide you with all of your desired features at a cost that you can afford. SIM Only plans are the most commonly selected options for those trying to save a few pounds. One of the biggest providers for mobile phone service in…

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