New Galaxy Note II: The big-screen smartphone

Galaxy Note II

When Samsung launched the Note about a year ago, many people were skeptical about this new device. A screen too big, sharpens a pencil for phone control and high cost were some of the criticism that rained down at the time. Now a year later the Koreans Samsung have confirmed that their commitment to these type of devices with the introduction of the new Note II. Here are all the details. The secret of the Galaxy Note II is on its screen. Its 5.5 inches in size with Super AMOLED…

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Windows 8 will arrive in late October

Windows 8

This was just announced Microsoft at its Worldwide Partner Conference in through the Marketing Director Tami Reller while confirming that production will begin in early August. How much will upgrade older operating systems like Vista or XP? What devices will incorporate? Actually already knew it would come in the fall of this year; however it was not known when exactly. The ad is actually a confirmation of established planning and putting its date to one of the most anticipated counterattacks in the world of technology and at the battle of…

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Nexus 7: Google Tablet to detail

Nexus 7

It was not a surprise that Google’s annual conference being held in San Francisco is lodged own brand tablet, Nexus 7. However, they looked forward to the details on how to affect the tablet market in both its private war against Apple as compared to other brands. So Nexus 7. The main change that incorporates this new tablet is its operating system. The device will run the brand new Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, which promises better performance and faster. In terms of hardware the device comes with a Tegra 3…

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ASUS Zenbook U500VZ: power without sacrificing good design

ASUS Zenbook U500VZ

ASUS has taken advantage of the IFA to add another component to its range of ultrabooks Zenbook. The new ASUS Zenbook U500VZ will feature the third generation of Intel processors (up to Core i7), along with SSD units up to 512 GB and Nvidia GT650M graphics. This new ultrabook offers consumers a 15-inch screen with 1080p resolution and IPS panel (with antireflection coating) in a design already classic wedge of these Zenbook and with a maximum thickness of less than 20 mm.

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Sonos PLAY: 3

sonos play 3

Throughout this summer we have been testing Sonos PLAY: 3 wireless music system that just hit the market and collecting the wake of the S5 and play5 the Dutch manufacturer. Although smaller in size, equal in performance to their “big brothers”. It is a hi-fi system is controlled through the iPad or iPhone, down a specific application for iOS Apple Store or also with Android devices, doing the same from the Android Market. Through one of these devices, the user controls what music sounds at all times in each of…

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Miiverse: The social network of Nintendo


The Japanese Nintendo has realized that their competitors are gaining much ground in the world of online games. Hence, the company announced the launch of Miiverse, a kind of social network users with the new Wii U aims to counter the brand to other already established such as Playstation 3 or Xbox, Sony and Microsoft respectively. As explained in the presentation of the system the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, “Its can not only connect people in a better way in the same room, but also connects people from room…

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How to design websites for iPhone

design websites for iPhone

It is likely that you know someone who has an iPhone – if so, and then you know how important it is that the web sites can be translated without effort to an adaptive mode to iPhone, for easy access. The fact is that as mobile technology continues to evolve and grow in popularity, the need to continue growing websites technology and applications that comply with the various standards and specifications. When you create a web page it is imperative that you take into account the likelihood that your site…

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