The Panasonic W850 allows to record from two different angles at the same time

Panasonic W850

The video walk renewal and proposals have to be quite different to attract consumer attention. That goes the Panasonic W850, at least one curious camcorder with two goals, one of them located on the edge of the mobile screen. These objectives form the duplicate recording mode called Twin Camera with which, in addition to the main scene, the second camera picks up another point of view that we can add to the video in the form of PiP in any of the four corners of the video.

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10 recommendations to combat cyber threats in the new year

combat cyber threats

Computer security is no longer just the preserve of the CEO and the IT department, the threats have become so ubiquitous that illegal entry points are numerous and the consequences of a violation are so severe that every member of the organization must have a participation and active role in the protection of information against cyber threats. Here gives some tips that range from basic to advance. Some organizations have already addressed some or even many, but not all have addressed the issue adequately. Focus on what matters: Identify and…

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Razer Hammerhead Pro, analysis

Razer HammerHead Pro

Razer HammerHead Pro is the first foray of the American brand to create a few in-ear headphones more thought on phones than in video games. An accessory with a price perhaps something bulky, although not at all surprising to follow the line of other Razer products. Today we propose our analysis of this HammerHead Pro, young, robust and modern design. Includes microphone and metal finishing, and perhaps we can define as a ‘premium’ headphones designed for lovers of the brand and also for those looking for a certain quality accessory…

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Google’s new robots show its value in the DARPA competition

google new robot

That Google has not gone shopping and has brought any robotics company has been demonstrated in the DARPA competition this year. The different tests related rescue situations have been dominated by several robots companies that Google has recently acquired. The overall winner was the humanoid robot of the Schaft company, which got more points than their rivals in the 8 tests in which was to DARPA challenge this year, inspired by the Fukushima disaster. Among the evidence were challenges for driving a small vehicle, make holes in the wall, pick…

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Walkman WM-2: less than 300 grams for a portable cassette player is a miracle

Sony Walkman WM-2

Sony surprised us all two years ago with the launch of the original Walkman. The player was too bulky and heavy, and Sony should rethink its strategy if it wanted to fail with this a priori interesting proposal. The new Sony Walkman WM-2 is just what we asked for the Japanese company. The team of Japanese engineers has ensured that the volume of this new Walkman is not much more than the belt housing, and also has improved the design with less weight and the introduction of color. The design…

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Nokia presented its Lumia 1020 camera phone

Lumia 1020 camera phone

Before the end of the year, Nokia announced one of its top-end equipment, the Lumia 1020, a smartphone that stands out for being equipped with a sensor of 41 megapixels alongside the classic Carl Zeiss lens and optical stabilization hardware. With these specifications, this model puts focus on providing the best images and video capture with full HD quality. The special 41-megapixel sensor follows the tradition of the Finnish company, whose mobile unit was acquired by Microsoft. As background Nokia highlights several of progress together with Carl Zeiss since 2005…

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Google will offer a preview of the images in Gmail messages

gmail preview images

Something as simple as automatic preview images in Gmail messages was restricted so far. This method was used by Google for security, and required the user to authorize the system to see photos attached to a sender. However, the Google service will now allow photos automatically attached in e-mail message, either in its web version and applications for mobile devices, iOS and Android. For this, the company implemented a secure proxy service to ensure the safety of online users. Google says that, in this way, Gmail users will see a…

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AMD R7 260X, analysis

AMD R7 260X

Having already used almost all of the R9 (290x, 290 and 280X; soon there will be more) is the shift down a notch and go for the lesser family. The AMD R7, graphics cards evolved from past generations but have also seen small changes in price and design. We start with the AMD R7 260X. For about 130 euros and we can find some other manufacturer that sells this midrange model to be considered as an evolution of the AMD 7790. Same core Bonaire XTX, small format (any model will…

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Piixl jetpack, hiding the steam machine behind the tv

Piixl jetpack

New Steam Machines must come with designs and different ideas of what we can expect from a traditional desktop console, a good example is Piixl jetpack. The name already invites us to think that it is something that goes in the back, in this case the back of your television. That’s the Pixxl idea; hide the playground equipment behind the screen, instead of a box that would occupy a space in our furniture.

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SpaceX successfully launched its first commercial satellite

Luxembourg SES

After a series of delays since November 25, the U.S. space technology company SpaceX launched Tuesday night successfully its first commercial satellite, Luxembourg SES group. The two-story rocket Falcon 9 blasted off as scheduled at 22h41 GMT station from the U.S. Air Force from Cape Canaveral in Florida (southern United States), when initiating a launch window of 90 minutes. The SES-8 geostationary satellite of 100 million dollars and 2.9 tonnes was first placed in an orbit called “parking” (Park) remained attached to the second floor of the launcher.

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