Create a homemade microscope with a smartphone and a 3D printer

homemade microscope

It costs less than a dollar and can provide up to increases 1000; adds to the line of inexpensive accessories that seek to create inexpensive laboratory tools and easy to use for developing countries. With multiple features, smartphones have become the new knife of the digital age. These are no longer only mobile phones to become small handheld computers with various functions, by applications or additional accessories. That’s how researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA) managed to transform a smartphone into a powerful and economical portable microscope thanks…

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The MIT presented a feline robot that can run and jump hurdles

cheetah robot

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a robot that mimics the movements of the cheetah; it can jump obstacles and run through the grass 16 kilometers per hour without help; while it can reach almost 50 miles per hour on a treadmill, assisted with cables. “The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth, able to accelerate to 96.5 mph in just seconds. As accelerates to its maximum speed, pumped legs in unison, jumping up to the canter” details the MIT in a statement. With that…

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Present a professional camera of open and modular design

axiom beta

A company called Apertus looking for support to create a new professional camera, Axiom Beta, but with a difference: but with one difference: doing it as an open project, in which the potential customer can configure hardware and software that gives life to the camera at will. The collective campaign financing to raise money was launched in Indiegogo with the slogan “democratizing camera technology and put back the power in the hands of users”.

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Apple introduced its smart watch

Apple Smart Watch

After presenting iPhone 6 in two versions: 4.7 and 5.5 inches, Apple made the highlight for closing the event to showcase its Smart Clock Watch with a design that resembles one of the versions of the iPod Nano, with square touch screen made of sapphire crystal. At the back features a number of sensors on the bottom to record various vital signs such as heart rate and keep track of the user’s physical activities. It will only be compatible with all three versions of the iPhone 5 and two of…

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SEO for Small and Medium Businesses

Some people feel that SEO is merely for big businesses. But in reality even small and medium businesses would require SEO help. If you are making selection of SEO then you should consider one of the viable options. Whether the business is operated from an office or it is a small scale home based business, you would need customers and clients for sale of your goods and services. To gain a client base you should create a website and promote the same so that people can get an idea about…

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The image publication service Twitpic announced its closing after a conflict with Twitter

image publication service Twitpic

The image publication service Twitpic will be shutting down on September 25 due to a lawsuit of Twitter by the abuse of the brand. In addition, the company said it would deny access to the application interface (API), necessary for the operation of the service of publication of images, Twitpic kept its name. “Our application has been registered since 2009, but unfortunately do not have the resources of a company the size of Twitter to keep our brand. That’s Why we decided to cancel Twitpic” said Noah Everett, founder of…

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Know the System Maintaining a Suitable Backdrop for FIFA Online


Playing the FIFA on the online play station appears as the popular way to earn better businesses. Therefore, you need to select the suitable brand and the accurate category that would help you to develop a better business outlook. Know the status of the coins that you can avail continuing the procedure. It involves an online purchase method that consumes much less time to complete the shopping. You can buy cheap FIFA 15 coins that help you to achieve the ultimate benefits playing the FIFA football. Ensure that the particular…

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Why You Need To Start Playing the League of Legends

The League of Legends

The League of Legends is an action game with role playing elements that you can play online with other people. In this game, there are different teams with different attributes that you can play as. You can fight against other player’s one on one or with multiple players in different types of game modes. One of the great things about this game is that they are constantly adding new characters that you can use. Because of this, you will never grow bored with this game. It always offers new things…

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Swing Copters Playing Tips

swing copters

Swing Copters is surely an annoying game but if you had been missing the Flappy Bird, then get happy because alternative is available. Swing Copter is the creation of the developer of Flappy Bird with a similar simple yet complicated gameplay. Many people are already into playing the game and they are struggling to get through the beams and hammer successfully. There is no doubt in the fact that within 10 minutes of playing the game, you will get frustrated with how it makes you feel. But there are some…

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