Develop a device that identifies people through a wall


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a device – called RF-Capture – that can capture images of the human body and identify a person standing behind a wall. The device, which will be marketed in about a year, can distinguish one person from another and even trace the hand of humans if they write in the air without the need for sensors in the body or cameras in the rooms. RF-Capture operates by emitting radio signals from low-power that can pass through a wall and rebounding into…

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Motorola introduced Moto X Force, a smartphone with “unbreakable” display

Moto X Force

The break of the glass that protects the smartphone screen (or the screen itself) is something that many of the cell phone users suffer once in their life, and with the growth in size of these devices (at the time it become thinner), which makes them more fragile and more likely to fall out of your hand, which should be more open, and so on. A study by Motorola, at least half of the population had a smartphone, on average, a device that was slit screen; in some countries, such…

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HERO+, a new GoPro Wi-Fi for the entry level


The GoPro brand currently offers several models of all terrain cameras, ready to shoot in all conceivable circumstances. If the term GoPro is now passed into everyday language, it is also for the manufacturer to apply to a wide audience by offering an affordable wireless model as displayed at a recommended price of €230. To cope with the increasingly fierce competition and keep its leadership in the field of all-terrain shooting, GoPro had to react. This is now done with the announcement of a new camera called HERO+.

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Light: 16 camera lenses and sensors in a single device

Light L16

At first glance it looks like a smartphone, with a five-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi and an internal memory of 128 GB. But the L16 developed by the firm Light stands out for the presence of 16 lenses in the back, each equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 13 megapixels. The lenses are grouped according to the focal length, with five modules of 35 mm and 70 mm, together with other six of 150 millimeters. At the time of capture, these lenses made 10 shots simultaneously. In this process,…

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Sharp prepares RoboHon, a small robot and mobile phone with multiple functions


They have large dimension touch screen, powerful processors that offer services similar to a desktop computer, and cameras that already allow to register images of high quality. With these advances, cell phones have managed to win the label of smartphones by its multiple benefits. However, despite being a personal device and an assistant for everyday tasks, these device typically maintain a classic rectangular design with touch screen. At this point, Sharp tried to give a friendly format to the smartphones in the hands of RoboHan, a friendly android twenty feet…

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Microsoft presented its convertible device Surface Book and the new Surface Pro 4

surface book

After announcing existing 110 million computers with Windows 10, Microsoft launched in New York its new line based operating system platform devices renewed generation of Lumia smartphones and two Surface models of equipment. In this segment, the highlight was on the Surface Ad Book, a notebook with a detachable screen, the first of its kind produced by the company led by Satya Nadella. With the same design that the other devices Microsoft have, the Surface Book located in the known segment convertible computer or two in one, versatile models that…

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A robotic flowerpot so that the plants are always under the sun


Sunlight causes many species to adopt various behaviors to access this resource in order to develop its life cycle. In some cases, plants have no choice but to wait for the owner’s locate in a better position to receive a better lighting. However, with the help of robotics, the pots can have an autonomous movement that allows them to track the presence of sunlight. Developed by Purdue University, Soybots is a project that combines robotics with botany through a series of sensors that locate the presence of light. In this…

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