Restricting Your Child’s Mobile Phone

child mobile phone

You just wondered how your child has gotten a gift from someone you know nothing of. It may be forgivable if you know your child has a lover given their age is at their teens but when they are too young, spends little time outside and keeps hooking their eyes either at the computer or their mobile phone, it may be time for you to step in and intervene. It does not mean to say that you just barge into your child’s room and rant about the things you saw…

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Alternative browsers to better surf the Web from your phone or tablet

alternative browsers

The web browsers war, which began in the personal computer in the mid-90s under the leadership of the defunct Netscape, is now at issue in mobile devices. The new stars of the mobile industry, which managed to capture the attention of users with their touchscreens at the expense of PC, became the new scenario of giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft, among others. According to the ranking by Net Applications, Apple and Google’s distribute the domain between the users of smartphones and tablets: Apple’s Safari browser has a market share…

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is dressed in metal and plastic

Samsung Galaxy S5 in metal

Like Apple with the iPhone 5S and 5C, the South Korean company launched the new version of its emblem phone with individual designs, which will cost between 800 and 650 euros, and equipped with a 16 MP camera. The launch of the Galaxy S5 was already confirmed by Samsung during the CES show in Las Vegas, where they could be aware of possible advances that will have the equipment, such as an iris scanner, but little could know about its technical specifications. However, the smartphone emblem of the South Korean…

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TP-Link TL-PA8010 joins the club of the 1 Gbps PLC

TP-Link TL-PA8010

If in the world of the PLC adapters as usual up to now was to speak of 500 Mbps speed as a usual transfer, TP-link opens the era of the powerline to 1 Gbps in its catalog and thus joins other companies to focus on in this category for 2014. TP-Link TL-PA8010 Model has been developed as the Home Plug AV2 standard, and may provide an actual speed of up to 1 Gbps, so that it adapts to the improvement that the WiFi connectivity to which is often complemented or…

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Customize Your Brand New PS4

ps4 skin

The Playstation 4 is now out on the market and everyone is looking to get one, which is not really a surprise at all. In fact, even with another new console being released within a week, the popular PS4 outsold the other unit by almost 2-to-1. Pretty soon that sleek, black box will be gracing many a table and entertainment unit. However, the thought that the exact same unit will be everywhere is kind of boring, especially when you consider that yours is currently one of over two million sold…

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Take Advantage Of The Latest Citrix Printing Software

printing software

Nearly every business can benefit from Citrix terminal printing and Citrix remote desktop printing technologies. They provide a quick and efficient manner to produce a high volume of documents. Let’s take a closer look at these capabilities and what sorts of scenarios they are designed for. The benefits of Citrix printing software are wide and varied. A universal print driver can be utilized to translate any sort of desired print job into a PDF format. This format allows for quick prints no matter how massive. PDFs take up significantly less…

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Huawei Tron: Android desktop console with Nvidia Tegra 4

Huawei Tron

Another major manufacturer who believes that there is a place for affordable desktop consoles, made with mobile hardware and Android operating system. Yes, the medals are for Ouya, no doubt, but along the way have appeared lots of alternatives, and even Sony decided that its portable console could have a version for TV. The present case is that of Huawei, besides phone giant has submitted its console Tron in CES 2014, without making any noise. Not much official material, just some pictures and contact wires in a booth at the…

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SteelSeries Sensei is also now wireless

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless

One of the gaming mice market more curious is the SteelSeries Sensei, introduced several years ago and enjoys a number of leading features. For despite already take a while in the hands of many users, SteelSeries has now presented the wireless version. SteelSeries Sensei Wireless maintains all the features of the original model, including sensitivity up to 8,200 CPI, eight programmable buttons, lighting (16.8 million colors available) and the small LED panel.

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ZTE Projector Hotspot

ZTE Projector Hotspot

In its new invention, ZTE has given by mixing different devices in one, as different as a point to share WiFi from a LTE connection, extra battery, and a projector, all in a portable size. It is called ZTE Projector Hotspot, which are taught in the CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and it seems that the gadget is having acceptance despite its rarity. The ZTE Projector Hotspot features 4G connectivity that serves as an operator, and it is responsible for partitioning between devices – up to eight – in the…

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The Panasonic W850 allows to record from two different angles at the same time

Panasonic W850

The video walk renewal and proposals have to be quite different to attract consumer attention. That goes the Panasonic W850, at least one curious camcorder with two goals, one of them located on the edge of the mobile screen. These objectives form the duplicate recording mode called Twin Camera with which, in addition to the main scene, the second camera picks up another point of view that we can add to the video in the form of PiP in any of the four corners of the video.

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