Acer S271HL: 27-inch thin monitor

Acer S271HL

The Acer S271HL is a monitor of elegant design that also occupies little space on the desktop, and that has a diagonal of 27 inches and is panoramic. It has the advantage that the user will be able to have multiple applications open at once in parallel, and you can see them all perfectly. The frame, black finish, is quite narrow, but the best is the thickness of the screen: just 2.4 inches. The shape of the foot tilted contributes to that can be placed even on those desks with…

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Asus Xtion: system to control PC with gestures

Asus Xtion

Computer manufacturers have no choice but to seek ways of interacting with machines that are as friendly as possible for users. The peripherals are beginning to diversify beyond the keyboard, mouse and joystick. Currently, there is a strong trend towards systems that let you manage a computer with simple gestures. This is the Asus Xtion, a system for controlling the PC with body motions. Asus engineers have designed specifically for the PC platform, and thinking of taking interactivity to another dimension. The objective is to facilitate the handling of the…

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The Canon Pixma MX895 multifunction is compatible with all

Canon Pixma MX895

Many devices today are not intended only for domestic use, or only for office use. There are many brands that prefer to do something hybrid and worth for many more uses, so it can reach a wider audience. It’s what the Asian tries Canon with its new multifunction printers. It is the Canon Pixma MX895, one of their 3 in 1 high scale printers and very versatile in the number of applications that can be given. The design is exactly the same as that of the Canon Pixma MX715. Very…

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Epson Colorio Me E-800: All in one printer

Epson Colorio Me E-800

The reduction device and including as many of the functionalities is a trend that more force has taken when designing peripherals computer. Clear examples of this as we have seen with the Miyoshi keyboard, Asus Eee Keyboard that could well be considered as a Netbook, or the innovative Cideko Air, which combines the use of a computer mouse. This time, it is not a keyboard, but a printer “all in one”,designed for printing business cards, postcards and a wide range of security and ID products, The Epson Colorio ME E-800.

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