Samsung gives details about the Gear A, a round smartwatch

Samsung Gear A

In the MWC 2015 in Barcelona Samsung announced that it was developing a new SmartWatch, The Gear A, which would have the peculiarity that would be round, more suitable to the tastes of people looking for a more classic design in smartwatches, which reminded a little analog clocks of a lifetime, and that seemed a little less to a “complex” electronic device. There will be two variants of Gear A. One that will be as standard Bluetooth network connection and other that will incorporate 3G connection, in addition to being…

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TAGO Arc: Electronic ink bracelet that can change its design

Tago Arc

Tago Arc is funded through Indiegogo which aims to sell an original bracelet, as its design can be changed by using electronic ink to display other of any kind, including phrases using the alphabet. There is an intelligent device because it does not serve to notify nothing, not even as an extension of your smartphone or tablet, also serves to keep track of anything, because it is only able to reproduce the designs that are sent to it. But the idea has far exceeded its fundraising goal in a few…

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The ultimate way to control your weight, a ‘pacemaker’ for the stomach

maestro rechargeable system

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given go-ahead to the use in the United States of one of the latest technological advances, seeking to help us with the uncontrollable appetite. This kind of pacemaker for the stomach is called The Maestro Rechargeable System and sends high frequency electrical signals to the vagus nerve to tell the brain that, now we have more hungry but have eaten little. This advance in the treatment of obesity cannot access any who wants to lose weight. It’s been proven to work, making it…

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There came the connected suitcase for that every travelling lover of the technology has been looking for


Developments in when connected devices are at their highest point, where we’ve seen all kinds of accessories and products that some have decided to label as “smart” as one of its features is the ability to transmit information from one or more devices wirelessly. It is now as we know the Pluggage project, which many would consider the perfect suitcase, because it integrates everything needed to enjoy our trip without the ever-present concern of a possible loss of baggage and other functions which are always well received in those moments…

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Montblanc thinks that the brain must be on the belt


Square, round, autonomous, dependent on the phone, with Google platform, or without it, few companies will be left without creating a smart watch. The companies that take the whole life by making watches, and others that coming from the world of consumer electronics looking for a slice of the pie. The traditional watch market is huge, with many price levels and technologies. Such a prestigious firm as the German Montblanc has proposed a smart way to convert your artwork, without touching what they believe is enough. How Come? By integrating…

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Show a digital textbook that changes its content depending on the student

openstax digital textbook

The non-profit project OpenStax, incubated within Rice University in Houston, said it is working on the development of an intelligent book for high school students. The objective of this initiative is to create a text that suits their content to the learning needs of each student. OpenStax is an initiative created by a group of private foundations in order to produce open textbooks (in the same sense that a program can be open source) for college students. Now, thanks to a donation of $9 million from Laura and John Arnold…

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Creates a chip that functions as a brain

Researchers from IBM introduced a chip that the size of a postage stamp that operates like a supercomputer and mimics the functioning of the human brain. For example, in a standard video test could recognize the presence of people, cyclists, trees and other objects with greater accuracy, speed and economy than any conventional computer resources. The chip so-called “neurosynaptic” opens up a whole range of possibilities in computing, from cars that run themselves to artificial intelligence systems that can be installed on smartphones, explained their creators. Researchers at IBM, Tech…

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Warn against possible cyber attacks based on USB connectors

usb key

The software responsible for administering this popular type of connection used by mobile phones, memory sticks and peripherals can be modified to electronic surveillance and remote control of equipment, according to a report from German specialists. The USB devices can operate as the spearhead of a potential hacker attack on personal computers, either through a keyboard, a memory key or other accessories that use this type of connection, according to a report published by the Computer Security firm SR Labs Berlin, Germany. Under this scheme, an attacker could modify the…

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