Toyota develops a collar which serves as a guide for the blind people

Project Blaid

As if it were a GPS for people in indoor environments, Toyota aims to develop a platform for assisting blind people with Project Blaid, a wearable device focused on urban mobility inside buildings. Among its outstanding features, the system can detect objects and posters, identify where the toilets, stairs or elevator and the emergency exits are. Project Blaid allows blind users to better explore the interior spaces of airports, offices or shopping malls. At the same time, Toyota plans to that device in the future add a mapping system and…

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Top Tech Trends For 2016!

trends for 2016

If you like your tech, then you’re going to love what we’ve got to show you here. With 2016 well underway, tech companies worldwide have given us a tease already about what’s to come in the months ahead. Therefore, we take a closer look at some of the hottest tech trends of 2016! Check it out. Sound Bars Sound bars are hot right now. So many people are upgrading their television this year to newer, better and crisper 4K sets. So, expect a lot of technology consumers to opt to…

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Google developing a virtual reality device

google cardboard

The technology firm based in Mountain View (California, US) already has a virtual reality device, a simple cardboard box that allows you to use your mobile phone as glasses of virtual reality and which was baptized with the name of Cardboard. The company presented its Cardboard a year and half ago and announced in January that it has already distributed five million devices that are sold for only $20. Users of the Cardboard have been downloaded 25 million virtual reality applications through the digital store Google Play since June 2014…

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Smartbe is the first intelligent stroller for babies

smartbe intelligent stroller

If we are already talking about new cars that drive alone; why not also stroller for babies do the same? A group of technology entrepreneurs already work on it. It’s called Smartbe and is an intelligent stroller following the mom or dad, by a motion sensor, which allows parents to keep their hands free. The project just debuted on the website Indiegogo for massive funding, which seek funds for its development. If all goes as planned, the company will put the Smartbe on market in April 2017, to an estimated…

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A bracelet detects the movement of the muscles and allows you to control a prosthesis

MYO bracelet

Presented two years ago, MYO is a smart bracelet developed by the Canadian company Thalmic Labs that allows control systems and electronic devices by the movement of the muscles of the arm. This type of gesture control began to be used as a new gamepad for video games as well as a futuristic interaction in the way we interact with virtual objects. As often happens with other technologies, the performance of the MYO bracelet went beyond its main objectives, and researchers at Johns Hopkins University managed to find a different…

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Amazon introduced a new version of its drone for home deliveries

Prime Air

The prototype combines a hybrid design that emulates the performance of a helicopter and an airplane for vertical takeoff and horizontal displacement to 120 meters; the company promises delivery of orders less than 30 minutes… Two years ago, Amazon announced Prime Air, a delivery service packages using UAVs. This year it obtained the authorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to carry out tests with different prototypes that will be part of this innovative service.

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Develop a device that identifies people through a wall


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a device – called RF-Capture – that can capture images of the human body and identify a person standing behind a wall. The device, which will be marketed in about a year, can distinguish one person from another and even trace the hand of humans if they write in the air without the need for sensors in the body or cameras in the rooms. RF-Capture operates by emitting radio signals from low-power that can pass through a wall and rebounding into…

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Light: 16 camera lenses and sensors in a single device

Light L16

At first glance it looks like a smartphone, with a five-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi and an internal memory of 128 GB. But the L16 developed by the firm Light stands out for the presence of 16 lenses in the back, each equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 13 megapixels. The lenses are grouped according to the focal length, with five modules of 35 mm and 70 mm, together with other six of 150 millimeters. At the time of capture, these lenses made 10 shots simultaneously. In this process,…

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Google now sells Wi-Fi routers

google onhub

Google introduced OnHub, a router; the company facilitates the management of a home wireless network. The router is manufactured by TP-Link (and later there will be a version made by Asus), but carries the Google brand, similar to what the company does with the Nexus line of phones. According to the company the antenna and software design allow a better connection, and a simpler management using an application for Android or iOS; its can give bandwidth priority to a device, see how much consume each, send the password with a…

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Choose the connected cap Lifebeam Smart Hat to track your activity

Lifebeam Smart Hat

The connected objects are now everywhere and in different forms. One of the latest in comes in the form of a cap that embeds several sensors and a Bluetooth connection. An alternative to the connected watch to count steps and monitor activity. Now, although we know that we can measure daily activity through a connected watch. But other devices will also appear and may represent a serious alternative to this type of monitoring: the connected headset. Screwed on the head (this is an expression, the cap is normally worn like…

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