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Browser Add-ons and Security

browser addon

In the early days of the internet, the web browser was basically a piece of software that allowed users to connect to the internet. The leading companies in developing internet browsers were Netscape and Microsoft with Microsoft winning the initial battle. From the ashes of Netscape sprang up Mozilla an ...

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Skype arrives on Windows Phone 8

Skype for Windows Phone 8

Skype is integrated gradually into the Microsoft ecosystem… Just like what the company has done with the brand name “Xbox”, Microsoft does everything to make Skype application is “Messenger, but also the service calls online. To do this, Microsoft has provided Windows 8 with Skype application review and redesigned in ...

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Microsoft unveils logo after 25 years

Microsoft new logo

For the first time in 25 years, Microsoft has changed its logo. Typography have been used the Segoe font, also used in their products and in their marketing communications. The symbol, table consists of colored squares, trying to “express the wide range of products of the company” as explained in ...

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