Do you think Samsung has copied Apple’s technology?

Apple vs Samsung

Koreans of Samsung and Americans of Apple continue to brawl by courts throughout the world. Recently a federal jury in United States has condemned the Asians to pay $1,000 million of compensation (about 800 million euros) to copy the technology of the Apple in some of their models. What do you think? Do you really think that Samsung has copied Apple technology or simply it is a natural development of touch technology? According to the judgment itself violated the Korean company “intentionally” several patents of the apple company, among which…

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Get the LG electronic paper

LG electronic paper

LG electronic paper will have a high resolution and, although not be folded completely, if you can bend up to 40 degrees to be as thin as cardboard (only 0.7 mm). LG would bring to market this way the ePaper, this gadget that users spent years wanting to see and not only as a prototype, but as a real alternative to eBooks and paper as we know it today. The device will come with a six-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 megapixels. Also, being so fine and…

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The fastest computer in the world returns to be IBM

Sequoia Supercomputer

Top 500 creates from time to time the list of the fastest computers in the world. Until recently this same title was held by the K Computer, Fujitsu, however in the final list has again crown IBM through its Sequoia supercomputer. It is installed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory belonging to U.S. Energy Department in California and recently became the fastest computer in the world. Its processing capacity is 16.32 petaflop per second, that is 1.55 times faster than the second ranking (10.51 petaflop/s) with its 1.5 million processors.

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Virtual Education: Technology applied to the study

Virtual Education

For several years, there is much talk about how technology can affect teaching, especially if the user is effective or not. Some think that education should develop face to face as always been taught, others think that online education is the future for training in academies and universities to distance. Distance education is characterized in that the student does not have to physically attend the classroom. The learning center is responsible for sending the student for study materials; these may be books, CD-ROMs, videos, etc… And the student is responsible…

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Created the first camera with gigapixels

gigapixel camera

Synchronizing 98 tiny cameras in a single device, electronic engineers of Duke University and the University of Arizona have developed a prototype of a camera that is capable of creating images with a resolution of 5 times higher than the human eye. The device captures data up to 50 gigapixels (50,000 megapixels), a milestone for photography when you consider that the ability of cameras sold today in the market is usually between 8 and 40 megapixels per image – pixels are individual data points in an image, so that a…

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