Will be news of the Jailbreak of iOS 6 on the JailbreakCon Convention?

JailbreakCon Convention

The popularity of mobile devices like the iPhone is undoubtedly a failure but have quite cumbersome, the platform Apple is a closed system in which the user is forced to use official channels to download music, applications or customize the device. This is the reason why born the Jailbreak, this method avoids restrictions that Apple imposes and allows you to download applications from Cydia, the alternative app store. The possibilities offered by the Jailbreak are many and it is not surprising that millions of users around the world have applied…

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How to watch videos and flash web pages on iPhone and iPad with this app

Puffin Browser

It’s been more than five years since Steve Jobs took the stage to unveil the mobile phone that literally revolutionized the industry; of course we mean the iPhone. From the beginning, Apple was very clear line to follow future updates, both for good and for bad. One of the most pronounced shortcomings of all iPhone models do not offer support for websites developed with Adobe Flash Platform, although there have been rumors that the brand would continue to offer this service keeping true to this policy. The reason not to…

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YouTube includes interactive questions in videos

youtube questions tool

The company Google has just added a new feature to its video platform, which is in turn the most populous Internet platform. Today we have to talk about a new option that is available in beta and will see integrated into the YouTube video editor from now. In fact, you will not have to wait any longer to try it. It is, as we said, of an option to improve the videos, but in this case it is a new section of questions. We explain. This is a new tool…

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Parallels Desktop 8: latest version of the program to have Windows on Mac

Parallels Desktop 8

One of the main obstacles facing the user feels seduced by moving from Windows to Mac is in the very fact of losing some of the familiar features and applications that the system has Microsoft. However, for several generations of Apple hardware, these computers allow, on the one hand, the installation of additional systems using dual-boot with the Boot Camp – or, as in the present case, using virtual machines installed on the Mac. Parallels Desktop software is the best known in this respect, and with Parallels Desktop 8 arrived…

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Solution to failure of Wi-Fi in iPhone with iOS 6

iOS 6 on iPhone 5

iOS 6 is the next major update to the mobile operating system from Apple that since Wednesday and is available for download. The new release features many improvements over iOS 5 and the models are compatible with this release iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2 and new iPad, but not everyone will have all the news, especially the oldest as the iPhone 3GS. Overall iOS 6 has been very well accepted in regard to level of shock in the early hours, it is estimated that at least…

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Hiding printers technology

printers technology

Who does not remember the old and noisy printers that print took minutes each sheet? Or the defective ink prints run for over 10 years? Current printers printed with an infinitely better quality from those early technologies thanks to the thousands of hours of research of dozens of scientists. In fact, HP, before finding the right formula of inks that use their printers, performed more than 1,000 prototypes to establish the right balance between all components. This work has resulted in the last 20 years more than 100 new inks…

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the recurring jokes after the presentation of the iPhone 5 was to know when to begin to be felt the first rumors of the iPhone 6, or whatever you call the model that Apple submitted in 2013. But wherever you look, Samsung seems to have also advance in this field: we already have the first clue about the next super phone from South Korean firm. Have been sources of ZDNet Asia that have raised the partridge, ensuring that the Seoul-based company working to have ready the Samsung Galaxy…

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Siri’s next stop could be the iMac


Why only mobile device users can talk to their machines? That seems to be the question that would have been made from Apple, whose latest patent suggests that Siri could expand its area of operation. It’s not just the iPhone and the iPad: Siri could reach iMac. What exactly does the patent? It describes “electronic devices with a capable of processing voice commands and contextual data”, according to VentureBeat. That is to say, Siri in non-mobile devices. The arrival of Siri to the iMac also has enough sense: Apple has…

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The Facebook advertising works better than Google

Facebook advertising

Google have just attacking where it hurts the most: advertising. And according to information that just offered several partners who are testing the new system of Facebook, Facebook Exchange (FBX), the social network advertising works much better than ads on Google in web browsing. The data are quite impressive. According Triggit Inc., which makes software to help Facebook to offer these ads, FBX generates an economic return four times greater than other similar systems. From AdRoll, for its part, say that if well before the advertisers earn approximately $10 for…

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Apple cut component orders to Samsung


The relationship between Apple and Samsung is one of the strangest: arch rivals in some markets, and other business partners. But from Cupertino are aware of how risky this is, it seems to have begun to take action. Apple would have cut their orders for components to Samsung. The idea seems to be diversifying: Apple reportedly decided to place orders for memory chips for next iPhone not only Samsung, but also other Asian firms to rely not so much of a company that does not have a good relationship. “The…

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