Cowarobot R1, robotic suitcase that follows you wherever you go

Cowarobot R1

The “smart” bags are fashionable. For some reason the idea of a suitcase can be connected to our mobile phone is something that people are looking for, especially by the idea that to be connected, it will be always localized. Thus was born the Bluesmart suitcase, but now there is an innovation that goes beyond with Cowarobot R1, the suitcase that follows you. This is literal, the suitcase is able to follow through that is connected to your phone that always carry with you. Surely not see at first glance…

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DTEK50: Blackberry without keyboard based on Android

BlackBerry DTEK50

BlackBerry tries to get out of a coma with a device manufactured by Alcatel with entrepreneurial soul…. Here is the first BlackBerry phone with Android for the first time does not include a physical keyboard: BlackBerry DTEK50. As might be expected from BlackBerry, its strong point is the security, reinforcing their applications and services with the current version of Android. Perhaps its design sounds vague and the fact is that this time bet BlackBerry for sending its new mobile manufacturing to an external company again, in this case the Chinese…

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Aquila: Facebook solar airplane gives free internet connection

aquila facebook solar plane

Facebook is now a company that apart from having a social network and social applications and more used in the world conversation, has a solar plane. It’s weird to think Facebook as a company with aircraft, but it is. Aquila, the first solar plane that will be connecting to the internet, has lifted the flight for the first time. This is the first public evidence of the Facebook idea to create a network of solar aircraft that will fly over areas without internet access or phone to give them connectivity.…

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Sony launches its new digital camera for amateurs, the RX10 III

The Sony brand has not really become known in the world of digital photography as product quality devices but also various components that are pretty widely acclaimed by fans but also other manufacturers to equip their own devices or digital devices. Thus, the manufacturer has announced the release of a new model of the RX10, the RX10 III with a new 24-600 mm lens. In the field of photography, several criteria are relatively high. At the forefront, the sensor that is here, on the RX10 III uses a 1.0 type…

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Six tips to properly charge your cell

properly charge your cell

Just as there are tricks to make your cell phone battery give up more throughout the day, there are some tips so that this does not deteriorate and have a longer life. Although it is difficult to see at a glance, our mobile batteries lose capacity as months pass, so we’ll give you a few tips that will allow you to delay this process. Turn off your phone so often Our smatrphones are not prepared to be working 24 hours a day without stopping. A good tip to extend the…

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How to Choose Power Supply for Your Gaming Computer?

choose power supply

The power supply topic is frequently overlooked. This PC component deserved much more attention that it gets, especially when the user wants to build a strong, reliable system, capable of an enviable performance and especially able to handle the biggest and best games. Selecting a power supply for your pc Accepting whatever the computer comes with is no good idea. Also, selecting doesn’t come easily – it cannot be based only on wattage and more of this does not mean it will actually be better. If you wish for a…

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What Businesses Can Learn about Cyber Security from the Sony Hack

cyber security

Remember the Sony hack? It is the most devastating cyber security breach any big company has faced in the past decade. Sony lost millions of dollars due to the hack, not to mention the devastating blow to the company’s reputation. The authorities are still investigating the group responsible for the attack. The U.S. government has said the hack was initiated by a North Korea-affiliated group. Regardless, Sony is not getting back what it lost. The U.S.-based studio and the parent corporation in Japan are still recovering from the loss. Sony…

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Nissan will launch its first car with autopilot

nissan ProPilot technology

The manufacturer Nissan Motor announced the launch in August its first driverless car, the first range media with this type of system and the most comprehensive to date, according to the company. The firm revealed in the global presentation of the new generation of its Serena model the ProPilot technology, which through a single front camera and various sensors detects the movement of the vehicle in front of it and, according to the same one, without the intervention of the driver, it accelerates, brakes and even stops. Through this system,…

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Five tips for not be spied through the cell phone

spied through cell phone

Whether through apps or viruses, one can be unknowingly being controlled through your cell; recommendations to prevent spying on it and, above all, to preserve our security. With the arrival of mobile phones will be intelligent opened a wide range of possibilities when it comes to perform espionage: from installing spyware applications can easily access to listeners telephone (ignited the microphone even when the phone is turned off), track a person movements, read their emails, view their photo gallery and access all personal information that is hosted there.

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How to Do Digital Marketing on a Budget

digital marketing

Budgeting is a big issue for start-ups and small businesses. More often than not, new ventures find it extremely difficult to cover basic expenses. So, it’s not uncommon to find a start-up too strapped for cash to run a good digital marketing campaign. However, money should not be a big issue when it comes to marketing. The beauty of digital marketing is that it can benefit anyone, regardless of the budget. Digital marketing costs way less than traditional print marketing. Even a company with a limited budget can glean enormous…

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